Monday, June 27, 2011

Recycled Amway Diamonds?

Comment by an anonymous commentator on another blog:

Anonymous said...
Doesn't WWDB have anything better to do than recycle Diamonds that qualified in the last century, hasn't anyone qualified diamond in WWDB since 1994? To top it off you'll get to hear Greg and Laurie Duncan speak, maybe they'll talk about how they managed to lose their house and other properties to the Bank; and they used to brag about paying cash for everything.

Here's the list of PAID speakers with the year of their Diamond Qualification further proof that WWDB and Amway in General are just trying to milk as much $$$ out of IBOs using recycled success.

Ron and Georgia Lee Puryear - qualified Diamond in 1976
Glen and Joya Baker - qualified Diamond in 1993
Dave and Jan Severn - qualified Diamond in 1981
Mike and Michi Woods - They qualified Diamond in 1994
Greg and Laurie Duncan - They qualified Diamond in 1985
Jim and Judy Head - They qualified Diamond in 1984
Matt and Sandee Tsuruda - They qualified Diamond in 1994
Dan and Sandy Yuen - qualified Diamond in 1992
Joe and Norma Foglio - They qualified Diamond in 1989


  1. Some of the speakers are getting up there in age. What happens if the kick the can?

  2. Tracey and Kimberley Eaton Qualified 6 years ago and my coaches Dean and Marcy Whalen Just finished their diamond qualification this month. I have heard horrifying stories, however what has happened in leadership here in Canada has given me an entirely different experience, and none of my downline has left.

    There are now two more emeralds that are entering diamond qualification who are from Canada, with hundreds of people each month crossing stage at our smaller regionals

    It's hard to protect anyone from a bad upline, but I know due to our process that lasts 3-8 weeks before anyone is given an offer into business, on top of having a heavy amount of time spent observing and growing before any coaching is handed off.

    To have this as our foundation I believe is why there is much healthier growth in size but more importantly personal development.

  3. Hmmm 2 years later still no more new diamonds in Canada???