Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Outdated WWDB Experience?

See this comment made by a WWDB former IBO who quit much more recently than Joecool:

Not sure which one of Joecool's comments you are responding to in your last post, but for someone that hasn't been involved in the business for many years, what he describes in his last post is still fair representation of what's been taught by the systems in the last few years.

During my time in the business, I heard many of the same comments that Joecool references being made from the stage at opens, conferences, and night owls. I do specifically remember FED 2006 where Brad Duncan stated to the crowd that "the only reason people quit is because somebody stole their dream". In addition, I also heard Duncan make all of the same comments that Joecool references.

So, the argument that I may have had a bad upline has just been debunked. Brad Duncan was my upline Diamond, and it just the people between him and me making the statements Joecool references. I also doubt Mr. Duncan has stopped making such statements either in the time since I last heard him speak - hell, he was still making claims that a brand new Founders Diamond will make $700,000 in their first year not long before his FED comments... and I know that figure isn't a Quixtar/Amway approved number either.

As for that bottle of water you're sipping from, please tell me how much of a difference you taste between that and any other bottled water on the market... might as well get this thread back on topic.

Posted by: Exwwdbibo | May 3, 2008 10:28 PM

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  1. It's quite an assumption to say the only reason people quit is because someone stole their dream. How arrogrant!

    Has Brad D. done exit interviews with every single person who has ever quit?

    WWDB upline wouldn't dare do exit interviews. It would freak them out to hear the truth.

    People quit for one main reason: NO MONEY. After they've made NO MONEY, then they contend with LOSING MONEY. After which comes, in no certain order:

    can no longer lie about how easy it is to build this business (10-12 hrs./wk.)

    exhausted from the meetings after the meetings after the meetings which they finally figure out is nothing more than your upline forcing you to prove your loyalty over and over and over again. (gads, how they must laugh at us behind our backs)

    that little 10-12 hrs./wk. begins to seriously interfere with your job, homelife, friends, etc.

    Quitting amway has absolutely nothing to do with being lazy or losing a dream. That is simply more mind-control speak.