Monday, August 29, 2011

Your Brain On WWDB?

Comment by a WWDB IBO:

WWDB IBO says:
August 26, 2011 at 12:03 pm
It’s interesting to see what those “less informed” really know about the business and how WWDB is not the same as some organizations that do make more money off the system than they do from the product side of the business. After twelve years in the business, I know for a fact that all the money I’ve ever made in that period of time (6 years between Platinum & Ruby averaging $70k/yr) that 90% of my money came from Amway. So, with 10% being from WWDB, which is available to anyone who build the same size business, the “tool bonus” is marginal and basically covers gas and other expenses of simply building the biz.

There is no doubt that books, CDs, functions are all about personal development and shouldn’t be treated any different than going to school. Do people get on line and bitch about the cost of book, tuition and how much the professors are getting paid? Give me a break! At least if you build the business correctly, you will make money and you get the legal tax write-offs of a business. I can easily say that I now make 5 times the income today than I used to make prior to the business and give a majority of the credit to the willingness to learn, develop and change my way of thinking, along with now having a much better self image.

So, does college guarantee you financial success? Does everyone who goes to college make $100k when getting out? Do people bash colleges for having $100k+ in school loans and only make $25k a year at their jobs? All of these questions have to do with the person and what they are willing to do to succeed, whether it be a job or ANY type of business. There are winners and whiners. Steve Jobs makes a bunch of money from Apple, but how many Apple employees complain about how much he makes, how much it costs them to drive to work, the time they put in, any new training they must do, etc., etc.

I’ve been to the houses of many Diamonds and they do have nice places and things. Bottom line is that they are still people and they do have a life outside of what they do on stage. How many people do you know are exactly the same at work as they are at the bar on Friday night? All any of us can try to do is be a good person, try to make a positive impact (if you desire to, which is what most leaders in WWDB have done no matter what is going on in their personal life) and to keep working to become a better person and prosper for the sake of your family.

They never said that the business is Eutopia, but it has more positive aspects than negative and you can make more money and become a better person….the only problem is that it’s a matter of choice. Winners are too busy living life and making things happen. Whiners like to get online and complain about things without any time or energy going toward something productive. Just my 2 cents. I wish everyone the best and that you get what you want in life.

Monday, August 15, 2011

More WWDB Commentary?

Kevin says:
July 10, 2010 at 11:19 pm

I was in worldwide some years ago. These mentors said WWDB was the most profitable and fastest growing line in all of Amway. Either they were lying or dead wrong. Looking back, here’s some of the junk I was told. Buy from yourself at full retail and the “profit” will pay for your functions. In reality, your own bank account is paying for the functions. I heard Greg Duncan talk about how stupid people were if they took out loans because the banks made their living off stupid people. Diamonds pay cash for everything we were told. That makes Greg a liar or at best, a hypocrite. We were also led to believe that Greg was a bazillionaire. Sure a million bucks a year is great, but for a triple dipple ripple diamond, somehow it’s not what the audience thought. I remember Greg talking about how because of what he’s done, his future generations of family won’t have to work. His kids and sons/daughters in law will just work for him and he’ll pay them at least twice of their best job offer. I can’t say I feel that sorry for him after our group was told that Greg has to “dumb down” his speeches so the audience can understand his points.

You can fool some people all the time, but you cannot fool alll the people all the time. Greg has been exposed as a fraud. He is not the financial genious he was made out to be. I hope all of his group finds out about this.