Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Amway WWDB Commentary

No Dream says:
July 10, 2010 at 4:52 pm

This is unbelievable, I was hook, line and sinker into this business from 2001 until around 2005……I was told if I do not build this business that I, like many people, simply have NO DREAM in life. Since then, I started a my own business from scratch, no upfront costs, non-mlm, and have generated close to 500,000.00 dollars for 3 straight years, with a profit margin after all expenses (cell phone, gas, samples, office, and of course my cost for the products and materials to resell) of between 30-35%. No cd’s, no “kate”, no faking it, no meetings, no creeping around trying to act like i want to talk to someone then asking them about meeting with me. Having said all of this, I’m am blown away, I specifically heard a platinum tell me, when I asked about the Greg Duncan situation(s), that it was all a lie and the internet is full of liars, and that i was an idiot for even thinking twice about it. All the while, Greg Duncan stood on that stage, and lied and fed false information to good people who “believed” every word the Diamonds say (becouse if they don’t they have NO DREAM). What a joke.

I have personally apologized to every person who “signed” up for this scheme of WWDB with the “system” and tools. It is sociopathic and cult-like the way they all believe in these false prophets. And as Christian as they claim, the first time you question something or leave, they judge you. It’s just simply wrong. Someone please prove me wrong here.


  1. 'I started a my own business from scratch, no upfront costs and have generated close to 500,000.00 dollars for 3 straight years'

    Yeah right! Show me a business like that, I would go for it. Meanwhile, I too can say wild stuff like that; I started my business last night, had to invest no capital, nothing whatsoever in it and the money just started to flow in... this morning I woke up and had $15,000 in my bank account.

    Now, did you really want to have someone prove you wrong? Well, here I am! Have fun with your puerile jokes and until you show me your tax return forms or even better, transfer me 10% of what you have earned (that's about $140,000) to my bank account so I can see and believe, I won't buy it.

  2. Anon 10:27 am;

    Funny how you want proof of our success but when we ask to see the Schedule Cs of ambots who claim they are getting rich, they tell us to go jump a cliff. funn how that works


  3. Anonymous, feel free to come viist me in my office any time and i will gladly show you what i have done and i'll even open my bank account so you can see with your own eyes, and if you really want, i'll show you my tax returns. It's called free enterprise, you should know something about that, if you did, and you should if you are in wwdb or any other organization affiliated with amway, you would know what it really is. You are simply chasing rabbits and caught up in the ferver of the "functions/upline", you spend all that money yet you walk away out of that arena or hotel conference room with in the same spot you were in before, same stories, same hype, same speakers, same everything....going on a decade or two now. C'mon man...put yourself in the middle of real commerce, where money is exchanged for real goods or services, if you have to "get motivated" by paying money to listen to someone else's story than you have no chance no matter what you do, how about making your own story! Yes, i did start a company from scratch and with no bogus up front costs, no motivational materials, nothing but blood, sweat and tears and by sewing real seeds, they have harvested. Is it easy, no, is it always comfortable, no....but you know what, it's been worth every bit of struggle. Did i have to pay someone to get a "cd" or "book" or pay to go listen to the same story, NEVER. If your not smart enough to pay attention to that kind of stuff as a TRUE ENTREPRENUER and seek out successful people to have coffee with, or pay attention to industry standards and shifts, or to know what are good reads, than you have no business trying to do YOUR OWN THING, please do stay in amway and keep feeding the system, oen less person for me to compete against. You are simply chasing rabbits my friend, I feel sorry for you. Lastly, how much money are you flushing down the toilet each month on the "system"? Thank god for america, thank god for real free enterprise and thank god i was smart enough and could see the writing on the wall when i did. It disgusts me that i hear greg duncan still speaks from stage after all the things i heard about paying cash and all the bs. You got to be kidding me if you stand for that. Your better off buying an ice cream truck, or a hot dog stand man. Get a real business, don't follow someone else. Oh and by the way, I employ people now and help them make money, real money. Not only have you not made a dime, how many people have you "brought in" that has turned a penny of profit? How do you like them apples?

  4. While you complain, others are putting in their foundation for Diamond and getting FREE! Nothing you can say will ever bring WWDB down. WWDB will save this country!