Monday, July 18, 2011

11 Years In WWDB?

A Recent blog comment:

SUSAN says:
April 2, 2011 at 8:39 am

I was in WORLD WIDE FOR 11 YEARS I went to all functions bought over 4000 in tapes 1500 in books spent 3500 on meetings and made about 900 to 1220 bucks in 11 years ……My up-line was a complete jerk who pried into my personal life told me how I should think speak eat and ALWAYS I REPEAT ALWAYS MADE ME FEEL HORRIBLE IF I WAS LATE OR COULD NOT GET OFF WORK FOR A MEETING….He would scream at me he was never a mentor just a tormentor!! I sponsored about 70 to 80 people they all quit and Now I have been inactive for 4 years …. So sad cause I believe if I had the right up-line I really could have made it in WORLD WIDE …..HIS NAME WAS MIKE FREIDMAN ….I believe he has since quit the business about a year ago ….He was a horrible person ….World Wide taught me a lot of great stuff like how to believe in my self and be supper positive ….Of which I am grateful for …..But my experience has left me so jaded I could never get back in this business again ….What bothered me the most was when I left I even contacted Ron Purer to return my tools ((OVER 5000.00 )) cause I no longer had a use for them ….He simply said no ….So I threw them in the trash and moved on with my life……


  1. good for her!

    amway is a cult.

  2. Sounds like 11 long years. Surprised some of these assholes cult members or leaders dont have their butts kicked by a pissed off ex or current ibo. If someone tormented me like how mike friedman did. Id grab him by the throat and give him a ass kicking.