Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WWDB IBO Comment?

SUSAN says:
April 2, 2011 at 8:39 am

I was in WORLD WIDE FOR 11 YEARS I went to all functions bought over 4000 in tapes 1500 in books spent 3500 on meetings and made about 900 to 1220 bucks in 11 years ……My up-line was a complete jerk who pried into my personal life told me how I should think speak eat and ALWAYS I REPEAT ALWAYS MADE ME FEEL HORRIBLE IF I WAS LATE OR COULD NOT GET OFF WORK FOR A MEETING….He would scream at me he was never a mentor just a tormentor!! I sponsored about 70 to 80 people they all quit and Now I have been inactive for 4 years …. So sad cause I believe if I had the right up-line I really could have made it in WORLD WIDE …..HIS NAME WAS MIKE FREIDMAN ….I believe he has since quit the business about a year ago ….He was a horrible person ….World Wide taught me a lot of great stuff like how to believe in my self and be supper positive ….Of which I am grateful for …..But my experience has left me so jaded I could never get back in this business again ….What bothered me the most was when I left I even contacted Ron Purer to return my tools ((OVER 5000.00 )) cause I no longer had a use for them ….He simply said no ….So I threw them in the trash and moved on with my life……


  1. 'if I had the right up-line I really could have made it in WORLD WIDE'

    Oh shut up you! So much bitching for so little faith! If, if, if, if and more if, what's up with all these ifs? Had it occurred to you to maybe seek help and to transfer to another up-line to get proper mentoring, you would have made it in Amway (including WWDB). But heck, it's been proven time and time again that it's far easier to complain and to quit, that requires next to no effort whatsoever; whew the nightmare is over! You should be bitch slapped for that. I apologize if I sound too harsh, I just don't feel well around complacent people. Good luck next time!


    **proud Amway hater**

  3. There doesn't seem to be much difference between the person who wrote this letter and the proud Amway hater. Way to go guys! I'm sure your parents must be very proud of you as their role model children!

  4. heck yeah they are! XD

  5. Susan and The Proud Amway Hater make an awesome couple! XD

  6. Susan;

    We feel your pain. You hang there, Kiddo. You have a lot of company.

    Godspeed to you.