Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WWDB Needs An Upgrade?

It's funny when I see Amway apologists talking about all the exciting new changes in Amway and WWDB and how the business is so much different than the "old days" when many critics may have experienced something that doesn't happen anymore. Then I see IBO blogs or other blog comments confirming that WWDB is basically the same old LOS with basically the same old leaders.

As time has passed, some of these leaders have been exposed as hypocrites and frauds. One diamond who taught that Amway saves marriages is no longer with his wife. Another leader, touted for his financial acumen, was involved in chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings. More than one diamond has lost their homes in foreclosure (I thought WWDB diamonds paid cash for everything?). I still see the same old things taught, even the part about buying homes in cash. Get out fo debt, which is good, but IBOs are given the okay to go in hock for tools.

WWDB still uses voicemail. What does anyone need voicemail for in an age where we have facebook, twitter, emails and other technologies? It is likely because uplines profit nicely from selling voicemail. Why do we need to have standing orders in an age where we have youtibe and other media to convey the same messages? Is it because uplines profit from standing orders? Why should IBOs spend valuable resources to travel to major functions several times a year when there is video conferencing and other ways to transmit information? Is it because uplines likely make their biggest profit from these conventions and functions?

Where are the new leaders and emerging growth? *Crickets Chirping*

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  1. The Crickets are still Chirping because there are no new leaders in North America and Negative Growth. We constantly challenge the IBOs and Amway Corporation to prove us wrong but they never do.... why because they can't. If it was true that you can make millions in Amway, retire and walk the beaches of the world, and have a business that you can will to your family one would think that either Amway Corp. or a successful IBO would try to prove us wrong by presenting actual proof.
    My prediction is the Crickets will continue to Chirp.

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***