Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Fruit On The WWDB Tree?

One thing I often heard from WWDB speakers was that WWDB was the fastest growing and most profitbale LOS is all of Amway. While it may have been true at some point in time, I don't believe it was true when I was an IBO and I don't believe it is true now. Many leaders would talk about looking at the fruit on the tree. It looks like the WWDB tree is currently bare with only some rotting fruit left on the branches.

In the US, I cannot think or more than 1 or 2 new diamonds in the last ten years or so. In a 2-5 year plan, you'd think there would be a steady stream of new diamonds emerging each year. Instead, I believe WWDB has fewer diamonds now than they did ten years ago. Some of their current diamonds have lost homes through foreclosure, some of them have divorced, including one who taught that WWDB saves marriages. One WWDB triple diamond was involved in bankruptcy. Is this the kind of fruit we want to bear?

Many of the same old tired leaders are still active and likely teaching the same old stuff they taught when I was an IBO. Some of them each self serving garbage that doesn't help IBOs, but helps themselves by selling useless tools to new and unsuspecting IBOs. There is no unbiased evidence that standing orders and functions do anything for IBOs. There's no fruit on the WWDB tree. In some cases, WWDB leaders are holding smaller but multiple functions. I wonder if they aren't simply killing the golden goose by milking out multiple function ticket purchases out of their faithful downline? While the downline may not see is this way, many neutral observers can clearly see what is going on.

In my informed opinion, WWDB is an LOS whose time has come and gone. Just look at the lack of fruit on their tree.

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