Tuesday, May 17, 2011

WWDB Comment

No Dream says:
July 10, 2010 at 11:48 pm

Again, I cannot understand these guys. And those of you that were in “the business” or are in “the business” know what goes on. The bottom line, is that these guys know that Wolgamott was having the extra-marital affairs and still let him get up there and talk about his loving wife and how the business saves marriages, they knew that Greg Duncan was double minded and chasing multiple rabbits, yet they let him get up there and talk about how stupid people are who get loans to buy homes, they knew all of this stuff yet they did nothing about it. And what is the number one thing they talk about, integrity. Where is the integrity in that? They also do this and call themselves Christians? How can they look each other in the eye? And the downline platinums and above are so duped by this that they perpetuate lie after lie. You cannot defend this WWDB loyalists, how can you? I’m not against Amway per se, they have products, you by them at wholesale, and resell them, that is legit. But i am against the WWDB system 100%, they make most of their money off the tools and functions, and then pull this kind of stuff and then deny it. I would be embarassed if I was one of you. I would apologize to everyone you ever signed up for this business, save your integrity, admit when you are wrong. All of us people with “NO DREAM” just becouse we don’t think that building and Amway is the best way to do attain our dream?……..please, someone prove me wrong, you cannot defend what they (Ron and his cronies) allow to happen, and you cannot defend what those individuals are doing. How embarassing.

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