Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More WWDB Testimony

I was an ex-ibo DL in the G Duncan organization. Also, achieved DD aka Platinum, Q12, Ruby level for several years breaking dl directs. I can tell you all that upline Diamonds made majority of their $$ through books, tapes (CDs) and functions. The WWDB system is a farce and all their teachings of 6-4-2 and any of their latest spins on an antiquated system are hogwash.

In terms of “open” discussion with upline on your future in achieving Diamond level, that attitude was always “get to that level and then we’ll talk” – Even when achieving the Platinum level, upline will not disclose minimal info (need to know basis) to you regarding tape/cd/book breaks, etc. Know this limited info, you can use some deductive reasoning and deduce that upline will also get “more $$$ perks” wrt functions, etc.
The biggest issue I’ve always had with this “need to know bases” info only when you attain a level such as Platinum, and above, is how in the heck can one plan for one’s own long term for their future, retiring as a WWDB Diamond, or for that matter even at the Ruby level – we’ve all heard and seen how there were distributor’s (Ruby’s) such as Dean Kosage, Rod Jao that “retired” at these lower levels.

ANSWER? You can’t! Not without knowing what the parameters are and how to plan in advance. Upline would never answer my questions related to the long term parameters. The only reply I’d get from upline was “just keep doing what your doing, and you’ll go Diamond”. Well, coming from a successful financial background (I am no spring chicken), this regurgitated answer month after month, year after year, didnt cut it for me.

The reality is this: They get you in, you build a level of business that’s solid or close to it – ie. Platinum level, and then if you decide that you don’t like what they teach or how the WWDB program works, your upline will work around you and literally “dismember” your business so that they can inherit all YOUR HARD WORK and leave you in the dust.

How do I know this?

I spoken to many ex-platinum IBOs I’ve gotten to know and built friendships with, locally, in Washington State and Calif. and the stories I’ve heard from them are all similar. Upline Diamond coming into attempt to convince them the “vital” importance of books, cds and functions (attend ALL functions) and if that did not work, then a more aggressive arm twisting through misinformation to the DL tactics would erupt. In some cases, upline Diamond literally comes in one-to-one and uses “subtle” words to push you aside.

So those defending the “system”, I have no anomosity against you personally. What you need to do is keep your eyes wide open and not “eyes wide open shut” like many platinums + did and still do.

Guaranteed, you get rid of the huge money making aspect of the books, cds and functions in these groups and your Diamond, even emeralds with be in the rough.

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  1. Yes, and when we finally cornered Greg Duncan after years of 24/7 building amway about the lack of results in our business, his response?

    "Gosh, I don't know. We'll have to ask God about that someday."

    My world stopped. I couldn't hear anything else for the intense roar in my ears. When I finally came to, I knew it was over.

    He could not explain why after doing everything we were told to do to guarantee success, we had not experienced those guaranteed results. So typical.

    You see, they are so used to people just quitting, they never have to explain anything.

    And every time we would end up in an elevator or anywhere with a cross-line Ruby or Emerald, they would hedge all serious questions about what they did to go Ruby, Emerald, et.

    Standard response? Just keep doing what you're doing and you, too, will grow. Bullshit!

    It became apparent their success was NOT a result of selling amway products. Something else was going on and we, being God-fearing people, had no idea it was fraud.

    My head blew off at about this time. I joined the ranks of amway quitters and got my life back on track. I relearned how to think for myself and got back on a saving/investing plan. I have never regretted it.

    And there it is. If amway was so great, all the quitters would quickly realize their terrible mistake and beg to resign. gag