Friday, February 3, 2012

Amway Is BBB Accredited - What About WWDB?

One of the things Amway IBOs like to proclaim is that Amway is BBB accredited. Amway may be accredited by the BBB but that rating is irrelevent when it comes to evaluating the Amway opportunity for the independent distributors. Thus, although it would appear that WWDB is not accredited, even if they were, it would not mean that joining WWDB would ensure any degree of success as an IBO.

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BBB Business Review
This Business is not BBB accredited
World Wide Group, LLC
717 S. Pines Rd., Spokane Valley, WA 99206


  1. Are you REALLY that ignorant? Amway is the business model that the WWDB mentors and teaches. As WWDB does NO BUSINESS except cds and mentoring, it is not even in the same category. As WWDB does 85% of all Amway production, I would say they are well qualified to take an authoritative stand in how to be successful. Each CD and Business overview explicitly states that they are a TOOL designed to augment and aid the Amway business opportunity. Your entire premise is invalid

  2. Justin, WWDB doesn't do 85% of Amway production. You were told lies and misinformation by your "mentors".

  3. We were told BWW was responsible for more than 50% of all Amway sales. Factor in Dexter's group (I believe they were told they do more than 50% os Amway sales) and all the other groups and Amway must be doing way way above 100% in sales.

  4. WWDB is a pyramid on top of another. And that includes all other Amway Motivation organizations. See Forbes article

  5. Joecool, I've seen you on like 15 different websites full of your skepticism. Are you okay? You're clearly emotional and upset.

  6. What business is it of yours? Who says I'm emotional and upset? I post my experience and facts to war potential victims,

    1. "victims" of what? Freedom? prosperity? buying products they like and need at wholesale?

  7. The thing to consider when looking at the BBB is that companies pay for their rating and to be inspected to make sure that they are doing their business legally with customers and resolving customer complaints. Since most of Amway's customers are IBO's I am sure one of their own IBO/Consumers wouldn't complain about their own business. Which leads to how Amway handles other complaints, and I'm sure like any business they want to keep good reviews so they work hard to appease their clients.

  8. That's idiotic. The question is Amway (the wholesale manufacturer and network distributor of products which IBOS can retail for a profit) accredited by BBB. Yes is is!

    wwdb is NOT the business. IT is only a teaching and training system.

  9. Joe Cool is either an idiot or a liar. 4000 pv (with "eagle parameters... that's minimum 6 bonus checks AND your own retail clients) = over $1300 per month.. (How is that not profitable?)

  10. When your wise and experienced "mentors" strongly advise you to spend it on extra standing orders, books and function tickets, your bonus can disappear very quickly, especially when our major functions required air travel.

    Looks like you are a liar and and idiot.