Monday, June 27, 2011

Recycled Amway Diamonds?

Comment by an anonymous commentator on another blog:

Anonymous said...
Doesn't WWDB have anything better to do than recycle Diamonds that qualified in the last century, hasn't anyone qualified diamond in WWDB since 1994? To top it off you'll get to hear Greg and Laurie Duncan speak, maybe they'll talk about how they managed to lose their house and other properties to the Bank; and they used to brag about paying cash for everything.

Here's the list of PAID speakers with the year of their Diamond Qualification further proof that WWDB and Amway in General are just trying to milk as much $$$ out of IBOs using recycled success.

Ron and Georgia Lee Puryear - qualified Diamond in 1976
Glen and Joya Baker - qualified Diamond in 1993
Dave and Jan Severn - qualified Diamond in 1981
Mike and Michi Woods - They qualified Diamond in 1994
Greg and Laurie Duncan - They qualified Diamond in 1985
Jim and Judy Head - They qualified Diamond in 1984
Matt and Sandee Tsuruda - They qualified Diamond in 1994
Dan and Sandy Yuen - qualified Diamond in 1992
Joe and Norma Foglio - They qualified Diamond in 1989

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Amway WWDB Commentary

No Dream says:
July 10, 2010 at 4:52 pm

This is unbelievable, I was hook, line and sinker into this business from 2001 until around 2005……I was told if I do not build this business that I, like many people, simply have NO DREAM in life. Since then, I started a my own business from scratch, no upfront costs, non-mlm, and have generated close to 500,000.00 dollars for 3 straight years, with a profit margin after all expenses (cell phone, gas, samples, office, and of course my cost for the products and materials to resell) of between 30-35%. No cd’s, no “kate”, no faking it, no meetings, no creeping around trying to act like i want to talk to someone then asking them about meeting with me. Having said all of this, I’m am blown away, I specifically heard a platinum tell me, when I asked about the Greg Duncan situation(s), that it was all a lie and the internet is full of liars, and that i was an idiot for even thinking twice about it. All the while, Greg Duncan stood on that stage, and lied and fed false information to good people who “believed” every word the Diamonds say (becouse if they don’t they have NO DREAM). What a joke.

I have personally apologized to every person who “signed” up for this scheme of WWDB with the “system” and tools. It is sociopathic and cult-like the way they all believe in these false prophets. And as Christian as they claim, the first time you question something or leave, they judge you. It’s just simply wrong. Someone please prove me wrong here.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Outdated WWDB Experience?

See this comment made by a WWDB former IBO who quit much more recently than Joecool:

Not sure which one of Joecool's comments you are responding to in your last post, but for someone that hasn't been involved in the business for many years, what he describes in his last post is still fair representation of what's been taught by the systems in the last few years.

During my time in the business, I heard many of the same comments that Joecool references being made from the stage at opens, conferences, and night owls. I do specifically remember FED 2006 where Brad Duncan stated to the crowd that "the only reason people quit is because somebody stole their dream". In addition, I also heard Duncan make all of the same comments that Joecool references.

So, the argument that I may have had a bad upline has just been debunked. Brad Duncan was my upline Diamond, and it just the people between him and me making the statements Joecool references. I also doubt Mr. Duncan has stopped making such statements either in the time since I last heard him speak - hell, he was still making claims that a brand new Founders Diamond will make $700,000 in their first year not long before his FED comments... and I know that figure isn't a Quixtar/Amway approved number either.

As for that bottle of water you're sipping from, please tell me how much of a difference you taste between that and any other bottled water on the market... might as well get this thread back on topic.

Posted by: Exwwdbibo | May 3, 2008 10:28 PM

Monday, June 6, 2011

WWDB Saves Marriages?

I guess they still teach this BS in WWDB:

Dreambuilder for life says:
May 6, 2010 at 1:23 pm

For all of you who are being so critical, not once have I ever heard a diamond in Worldwide Dreambuilders claim to be super human or better than anyone else. In fact it is quite the opposite. Worldwide diamonds are constantly saying that they are nothing special, human just like the rest of us. If you put people up on a pedestal you Will be let down because no matter how hard we try, people are not perfect.

And here is a nice fact for you; within this organization that many of you are being so critical of, the divorce rate is less than 1% compared to our national rate the ranges anywhere from 60% all the way up to the low 80′s. Get your facts people and quit being so judgemental of other people! I am sure you are not perfect either!