Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WWDB IBO Comment?

SUSAN says:
April 2, 2011 at 8:39 am

I was in WORLD WIDE FOR 11 YEARS I went to all functions bought over 4000 in tapes 1500 in books spent 3500 on meetings and made about 900 to 1220 bucks in 11 years ……My up-line was a complete jerk who pried into my personal life told me how I should think speak eat and ALWAYS I REPEAT ALWAYS MADE ME FEEL HORRIBLE IF I WAS LATE OR COULD NOT GET OFF WORK FOR A MEETING….He would scream at me he was never a mentor just a tormentor!! I sponsored about 70 to 80 people they all quit and Now I have been inactive for 4 years …. So sad cause I believe if I had the right up-line I really could have made it in WORLD WIDE …..HIS NAME WAS MIKE FREIDMAN ….I believe he has since quit the business about a year ago ….He was a horrible person ….World Wide taught me a lot of great stuff like how to believe in my self and be supper positive ….Of which I am grateful for …..But my experience has left me so jaded I could never get back in this business again ….What bothered me the most was when I left I even contacted Ron Purer to return my tools ((OVER 5000.00 )) cause I no longer had a use for them ….He simply said no ….So I threw them in the trash and moved on with my life……

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Building Dreams?

Amway - WWDB Dream Building?

I have been in touch with an IBO who is in WWDB. Apparently dream building is a big part of WWDB. While it is good to have goals and dreams, I find it somewhat interesting to know that only a select few people in WWDB ever reached these goals and dreams because of their involvement with WWDB and Amway. In fact, despite claims by our upline that WWDB was the "best" and more profitable LOS, there is little or no evidence that this is true. I have not seen many new diamonds emerge from WWDB, but on the contrary, I have seen evidence of WWDB diamonds having their homes foreclosed and/or involvement with bankruptucy.

In my opinion, this dream building approach is simply a tactic to get a prospect interested in the opportunity and then the upline will tell the prospect that the way to achieve these dreams is to be dedicated to the system (WWDB). This is the same system that has few new diamonds and diamonds in apparent financial difficulty. These dreams may also help to retain some IBOs in the system as it would seem that quitting Amway and WWDB means these dreams are no longer attainable.

If you are an information seeker or a struggling IBO, a question you may want to consider is whether your dedication to Amway and WWDB progressing you towards these stated dream or if you are simply channeling your money into products and training materials which helps achieve other people's dreams?

Below is an excerpt from a WWDB IBO about dreambuilding:

So that’s why we have pictures and words of affirmation around our house. When you come into our condo you’ll see words like “Overcome”, “do the opposite of the masses”, “The best is yet to come”, “Play Injured”, “Are you living a dream, or just living your life”, “Break through the wall of fear”, “We' re all in” and more. We believe these things motivate us and give us a dream. Then you’ll see stuff on our fridge like pictures of Kelowna where we want to live, Wineries, because we love wine, in my office you’ll see a picture of a Breitling Chronomat B01 watch because that’s the watch I want, you’ll see magazines with inspirational things in them that relate to us. It’s these things that keep our dreams alive.

It’s so important to do this whether you are building this business or not. This what i’m writing about is part of the 95% of what we do with World Wide Dreambuilders. The 5%, the Amway Global portion is the vehicle for the 95%. You need a dream, goals and passion so that you have something to work towards.

We’ve got BIG dreams, and so should you!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WWDB Needs An Upgrade?

It's funny when I see Amway apologists talking about all the exciting new changes in Amway and WWDB and how the business is so much different than the "old days" when many critics may have experienced something that doesn't happen anymore. Then I see IBO blogs or other blog comments confirming that WWDB is basically the same old LOS with basically the same old leaders.

As time has passed, some of these leaders have been exposed as hypocrites and frauds. One diamond who taught that Amway saves marriages is no longer with his wife. Another leader, touted for his financial acumen, was involved in chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings. More than one diamond has lost their homes in foreclosure (I thought WWDB diamonds paid cash for everything?). I still see the same old things taught, even the part about buying homes in cash. Get out fo debt, which is good, but IBOs are given the okay to go in hock for tools.

WWDB still uses voicemail. What does anyone need voicemail for in an age where we have facebook, twitter, emails and other technologies? It is likely because uplines profit nicely from selling voicemail. Why do we need to have standing orders in an age where we have youtibe and other media to convey the same messages? Is it because uplines profit from standing orders? Why should IBOs spend valuable resources to travel to major functions several times a year when there is video conferencing and other ways to transmit information? Is it because uplines likely make their biggest profit from these conventions and functions?

Where are the new leaders and emerging growth? *Crickets Chirping*

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Fruit On The WWDB Tree?

One thing I often heard from WWDB speakers was that WWDB was the fastest growing and most profitbale LOS is all of Amway. While it may have been true at some point in time, I don't believe it was true when I was an IBO and I don't believe it is true now. Many leaders would talk about looking at the fruit on the tree. It looks like the WWDB tree is currently bare with only some rotting fruit left on the branches.

In the US, I cannot think or more than 1 or 2 new diamonds in the last ten years or so. In a 2-5 year plan, you'd think there would be a steady stream of new diamonds emerging each year. Instead, I believe WWDB has fewer diamonds now than they did ten years ago. Some of their current diamonds have lost homes through foreclosure, some of them have divorced, including one who taught that WWDB saves marriages. One WWDB triple diamond was involved in bankruptcy. Is this the kind of fruit we want to bear?

Many of the same old tired leaders are still active and likely teaching the same old stuff they taught when I was an IBO. Some of them each self serving garbage that doesn't help IBOs, but helps themselves by selling useless tools to new and unsuspecting IBOs. There is no unbiased evidence that standing orders and functions do anything for IBOs. There's no fruit on the WWDB tree. In some cases, WWDB leaders are holding smaller but multiple functions. I wonder if they aren't simply killing the golden goose by milking out multiple function ticket purchases out of their faithful downline? While the downline may not see is this way, many neutral observers can clearly see what is going on.

In my informed opinion, WWDB is an LOS whose time has come and gone. Just look at the lack of fruit on their tree.