Friday, March 18, 2011

My Time In WWDB

I started this blog to share by experience in Amway and WWDB. As a new IBO, I was excited about being in WWDB. They (the leaders) said WWDB was the fastest and most profitable LOS (Aren't they all?) I remember being told that WWDB diamonds made 2-3 time more money than other groups. THat if we the downline "duplicated" what was taught, we too could be rolling in dough and walking the beaches.

I was only involved in Amway for a full year, but seriously active for less than that. However, what I saw and experienced in that timeframe is appalling and downright scary in retrospect. I remember more than one couple going bankrupt, and recall at least two couples who lost their homes by following upline advice to never miss a function. Being in Hawaii, major functions costed a lot because they are normally held during peak travel times, and required round trip tickets from Hawaii to Washington (State) or to Oregon. I witnessed an upline leader teaching about how long you could hold off paying for your mortgage or utilities before action would be taken against you. It's almost evil now that I look back on the whole thing.

The scary thing is that many of the leaders I saw, are still in business and still teaching downline. It looks apparent that the same leaders teach the same old stuff today, that they taught in the past. More to come soon......

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