Monday, November 7, 2011

Make $80,000 In WWDB/Amway?

An email I received from a WWDB IBO:

Hey, thanks for the reply, I would be happy to tell you what i do, and who i work for.

I am what you call an IBO or independent business owner, its a franchise you can buy in for only 60.00 dollars. Basically the key to making money and plenty of it is to recruit other people to sign up and start their own business. With starting your own business you sell Amway's products, and they have everything, so its not hard for anybody to find something they like, also Amway has 30 partner companies such as: Circuit City, PacSun, Nascar etc.

Sure, to start your own business you sign up with WWDB or World Wide Group is a company that provides you your website plus learning and training materials to make sure you become successful in the business. They pretty much hold your hand until you become successful. As far as what i have accomplished in owning my own business i have only had my business for 1 month now and am very happy with it. My mentor or upline, the guy that sponsored me into getting my own business started is my girlfriends father, and he is very successful in the business, which is why i joined, if i told you how much he made a year you wouldnt believe me.

The plan that World Wide group puts you on is mapped out to make you earn 80,000 dollars your first year, which means you would become a platinum member, it goes all the way up to diamond members which make in the six figure incomes

World Wide is not free, but it pays for itself because you will see customers sign up to your website to buy products, you will sell to your family, friends etc., plus if your like me you will try to sign as many people up in your first month as you can, so no, world wide isnt free, but it will pay for itself.

Yeah I’m still in it, i probably work with it about 8-10 hours a week. No, I’m not on pace to make $80,000 in a year, but it’s my own fault, I did not work hard enough. One good thing though, I know I am a better person and getting a check every month helps, even if it’s a small one.


  1. Yeah, that'll be "former girlfriend's father" once the IBO wakes up and curtails his IBO involvement.